Our Outdoor Cushions

About our bespoke Outdoor Cushions

At The Outdoor Cushion Co. we have the experience and skills to ensure we create for you bespoke outdoor cushions of the highest quality, made exactly to your specifications.

How we make our outdoor cushions

No ‘production lines’ here! We are proud that all of our outdoor furniture cushions are individually cut and sewn, rather than mass produced.

Cutting & sewing outdoor cushions

We work in well-lit workshop premises equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery we require, all readily on hand. One machine we purposely don’t have is a ‘digital cutting table’ where fabric is cut very quickly by a computer programmed cutting knife.

Outdoor cushion fabric is expertly cut from the roll
Specialist outdoor cushion fabric is cut to size and shape

Instead, because we are not a ‘production line’ type of company, we cut our fabric the old-fashioned way… with a pair of tailor’s shears… and a very trained eye!

By working in this way, any adjustments required due to the shape of the outdoor cushion, or the particular fabric that has been chosen, can be easily taken account of. Every fabric has a slightly different ‘feel’ and needs to be cut accordingly… something that our Sewing Technicians’ many years of experience enables them to ably cope with.

The outdoor cushion covers being sewn
An outdoor cushion is quality checked prior to dispatch

As a Company, over our 30 year history, we've always believed that giving our staff pride in their work is crucial to our success. So, in this age of many things being mass produced on mind-numbing production lines, where each person only carries out one small part of the production process, we like to be different. This means that normally one of our Sewing Technicians will make your entire order, from start to finish. Each order they make is very different… different shapes, different sizes, different fabrics… so this maintains their interest, and gives them an immense sense of pride in their work.

Brand new Outdoor Cushions… or Recovered?

Brand New Cushions

The vast majority of the work we do is to create complete brand new Outdoor Garden Furniture Cushions. By choosing our ‘Reticulated Foam’ cushion filling and having it covered in one of our high performance fabrics, we can create for you Outdoor Furniture Cushions that can be left outside permanently, in all weathers, Rain or Shine!​

Made-to-measure outdoor furniture cushions for a long patio seating bench
New outdoor cushions for a bespoke garden patio seating area
Made-to-measure outdoor furniture cushions for a rattan balcony suite
Circular outdoor cushions made-to-measure for a tree seat

Our non-commission staff are very happy to explain various options and prices to you in regard to choice of filling, choice of fabric, choice of trim etc. all in a professional, no pressure manner. 

Outdoor cushion fabric is expertly cut from the roll
Specialist outdoor cushion fabric is cut to size and shape

Perhaps you have some smart outdoor furniture that is not looking its best due to the original cushions looking tired. Or maybe there's an area of your garden, patio or terrace that's crying out for comfortable bespoke Outdoor Cushions to add the finishing touch!

Outdoor cushion fabric is expertly cut from the roll
Specialist outdoor cushion fabric is cut to size and shape
Outdoor cushions for a customer's decked seating area
Matching seat and back cushions for a wooden 'sleeper' seating area
Bespoke seat and scatter outdoor cushions for a circular seating area
Bespoke outdoor scatter cushions for a bespoke outside dining table and seats

If you would like us to make you brand new bespoke outdoor cushions in your choice of filling and cover them with professionally made-to-measure covers, in a choice of water repellent fabrics, then we would be delighted to show you what we can offer.

Outdoor patio cushions for a concrete seating area
Outdoor cushions made to fit around armrests

We were extremely pleased to have been given the order to create 8 made-to-measure water repellent outdoor cushions for the unique stone built garden seating area shown above (right). As you can see our customer needed the new cushions to be shaped to fit around the 'arms' of the seats. They chose one of our plain brown water repelling fabrics and the cushions have matching piping to the edges. Below, we used our customer’s original cushions as a pattern in order to make brand new ones in his choice of fabric.

Sun lounger outdoor cushions in contrasting outdoor fabrics
An outdoor cushion for a sun lounger with integrated pillow

Recovered Cushions

If you have existing outdoor cushions where you are entirely happy with the original fillings and simply want us to recover them, then this is normally not a problem. We have a very wide range of high performance fabrics to choose from and we are very happy to guide you as to what would be the most suitable type of fabric for the project you have in mind.

Shaped Bespoke Outdoor Cushions for a rattan patio suite
A bespoke outdoor cushion for a garden seat
Re-covered seat cushions for a garden dining/lounge area
Recovered outdoor cushions for an exterior wicker furniture suite

Recent Outdoor Cushion Projects

Here are just a few examples of our many recent Outdoor Cushion orders.
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